Sunday, 29 May 2011

water yeast experiments

the first water yeast with an addition of sultanas

the new water yeast with blueberries on top of the other fruits

The same pink one not in close up

I'm now using the water yeast to boost my sourdough when I feed it. I also mix 100gr. of it with the water needed in the different recipes I use hoping for a better rise and oven spring which contribute to a lighter consistency. So far I did see much of a change
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100% SD Spelt by Eric from Breadtopia

the bread out of the oven
So it is the result of 24 hours work! I followed scrupulously the recipe and the method indicated by Eric from Breadtopia. it included a night rest in the fridge after 4 stretch and fold, and again, after the night, one fold and a proof of one hour. My kitchen was very cold this morning as you could have seen on my precedent pictures,outside was foggy ,wet and cold. Inside was not very much warm not to say cold(!)and until the fires had done their job to warm up it took several hours. The house is very big with very high celling and built in one long open doors, only for the bedrooms and bathrooms.

from the top
After 2 hours the dough was still refusing to rise, so I passed to a more energetic move and put the dough in a cast iron pot and put it into a bigger one with some boiling water in it and created a kind of proofing box, putting more hot water every few moments. After one hour the dough had raised and I could put the pot into the prewarmed oven (250C). 40 minutes were enough to bake it but I left it inside for about15 minutes more,oven switched off, to get a better colored crust. It is a small boule with 65gr. SD and 530gr.Spelt

The crumb 

After some cooling I cut it and was nicely surprised by the looking of it.
Not so dry as I expected, just a bit tight but this I knew it will be. I tasted it.
I was not too impressed. Next time I will put more salt. It look like a good
replacement for a high gluten bread. If the persons I bake for them can 
support it with their intolerance to gluten it will be a pretty good result. 
Tomorrow I think to revive my Rice SD and bake more Gluten Free ....
I want to experiment this combination of Garfava, if I can find this mix of
flours in a health shop.

Bea the Bee....


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Fog and bread

this morning outside my kitchen at 8am.the fog is here. the temp. inside is pretty cold.
the birds station is empty. too cold for them

more fog

SD spelt bread warming near the stove

a fresh SD Rye

a good oven spring
Last night I baked a rye bread for a friend and it look good so I took a photo. This bread is made from a SD rye, some more rye, spelt and bread flour, and a tin y quantity of semolina -which give a crusty crust- malt extract and caraway seeds.
I passed my yesterday afternoon preparing a kind of no knead 100% spelt and I let it rest in the fridge over night. Now I'm trying to warm it up with the help of my wood stove in the kitchen close by. It is not a wet dough and I didn't deal with this kind of dough for months. Still the instructions are to baked it in a dutch oven. This will make the baking much more easy. I doubt that 45 minutes will be enough for the cold dough to rise again and I'm in front of a morning in waiting....
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Thursday, 26 May 2011

a mistake in my last post about Garfava and chickpea flours...

I'm very sorry but I didn't see a monumental error in m list of ingredients for my rye/pumpernickel bread!
I wrote 2 gr. of Malt extract instead of 20gr. It's of course a typing mistake but I should have seen it when I checked my text before publishing !

As I know that nobody can get to my URL address, which had disappearded from Blogger, until Domain will propagate it I'm not afraid that someone will test the recipe.... Althought it won't change a lot since it's not about a major quantity of flour or water which could change the whole result, but still I prefer to give the right thing.

After all I like very much this blogging way, because I can prepare my posts and save them for later, then modify if necessary or add pic. that were not ready before... TFL is a great site but I cannot do that, and for the last 6 months at least I cannot upload pic. Although I will never stop to post on TFL or to look religiously every day for the new posts because it's the only place where you can get so much info, actual, and from the past. It is the best bread site I ever encounter in my search on the web in general.

Enough for today. Buena note. Tomorrow the sun will rise again, right now I need a rest, after this emotional
disturbance provoked by the vanishing of my baby blog. I had already began to grow mothering feeling for it !
It look pretty idiotic to say that, but I bet that many other are feeling the same when they put so much into building a website and publishing day after day pictures and posts hoping that people will come across and be interested.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Garfava flour ? Besan flour ? Chickpea Flour ?

This a Rye mixed with spelt, potato flour (starch) and some polenta, for a young lady with an intolerance to gluten. The rye is only 25 gr from the SD. The result is a flat bread (about 4 cm high) the flavor and the crumb are good. The crust very crusty do to the polenta. After 2 days it's dryer but still very good and the flavor has not changed. If the lady will support this mix it will be a good result, not a mock bread, nothing to do with the 100% free gluten.
In my last errands on the web searching more about Gluten Free bread type of flour to use in order to get a better result in flavor and in texture I come across this warm advice: use the new mix of Gluten free flours : Garfava, Sorghum, Corn starch, Tapioca. I didn't know what was Garfava although " fava" was close to " feves" in French ( Broadbeans in English) but Gar didn't ring anything in my mind.
A short research on Google gave me the key : Gar is for chickpeas and fava for broadbeans as I thought. It's a mix of both which is also called Besam or Besan  Flour .... I was baffled as I asked several time in shops that sell this kind of flour what was the difference between Chickpeas flour and besan and always got the reply it's the same.... well it is not.

Sorghum I know but didn't came across it in the shops I frequent and could not find it either on the online store I usually buy my bulked flour - - here in Australia.
I will need to do some errands in the health shops around.

I also find a site named (in the US unfortunately for me) who propose a Rye flavor powder which can help with the flavor of a gluten free flour bread. But alas not only the shop is in the US but it was also out of stock !....
I never heard about a rye flavor powder before but I never heard about a lot of other things until I began to take interest in making bread....

This Gluten Free enterprise bring me to think that I need 2  kitchens one for my usual Rye Mock Pumpernickel bread making that I do for myself and few friends without problems of Gluten intolerance, and one for the Gluten Free. My cupboard explode with so many sort of flours and I feel guilty that I want to by this Garfava and Sorghum on top of it ! I presume that I will ended eating bread which will be a mix of free gluten and gluten flours for some time....

Last night I baked 2 loafs of my usual rye bread that raised normally, and have their usual look and aroma. My kitchen don't resemble to Pompeii after a Vesuvius explosion and I'm not exhausted physically and mentally.

not light rye not pumpernickel, something in the middle

 this is the crumb of my usual rye bread. the recipe is very simple. To make a medium loaf I use 125gr of Rye SD (100% hydration) 480 gr of water, 4 gr of yeast , 20 gr molasses, 2 gr Malt extract, 100 gr rye flour, 125gr spelt flour and 300 gr Bread flour, 12 gr salt and 25 gr caraway seeds (optional), et voila ! The dough is a wet dough but it raise once and double then I move it in a tin to about 3/4 of the high switch on my oven to 245C and leave the tin close to my stove when the dough had raised to the top I put in the oven with another tin up to form the indispensable humidity I would get if I was baking in a dutch oven.

Over the week end I will be back to my Gluten Free experiments.... hopefully the results will be more encouraging than my first attempts.

By  the way my water yeast is looking very good and I have a serious colony of enzymes (?) at the bottom of the jar which guaranty that I can rebuilt another jar using it and be successful in less time than I needed for the first one.

That it's for today. Bee

Sunday, 22 May 2011

mock rye bread with GL Free flours and Spelt

 Well it was a new adventure, as well as with the blogger system that is driving me crazy when it is not working the same as it was at the beginning and I have some problem to write what I wanted to say ! 
the new mock rye bread with spelt flour So the story is that I wanted to see what will happen to this nice mock rye if I will put spelt flour instead of some of the rice flour, keeping all the other ingredients the same as well as the Rice Sourdough. The result was amazing a pure delice. I will call it a sweet loaf., with the element of the gluten free flours it had this moisture of the mud cake but the spelt gave it the rise and the closer savor to a bread.
the same pic. 2All what I wanted was to use some of the big quantities of Rice SD that I had managed to produce with my experimentations.  The result passed my expectations. Very please with my bread I gave a piece to a old couple of Italians people that I know. The next thing was the lady asking me if I could help her grand daughter who has an intolerance to Gluten... For Italians people it is a catastophe.... They grew up on white bread and pasta ! What to do ???? A quick phone call with the daughter of the lady let me know that she could have some Spelt flour and some Rye as she tried it and had no bad reactions.
The crumb I thought it was terrific news, which bring me to think again that every one has a different intolerance and if you have not the Celiac problem but some intolerance to Gluten you should try with very small quantities what your stomach will agree with. I also went on with the water yeast I began one week ago or so and here too the result is very encouraging. The water is bubbling strongly and I use some of it to revive and feed my Rye starter and the Rice starter. The result is a quick bubbling of both, although the Rice need a very warm temperature around it to rise when the Rye don't like it too much. I hope that  some TFL members that are interested to see the pictures of my work will be able to reach my blog without too much problem now.  Until the next post......                                 

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

gluten free white bread and photos

So I did a try with only white gluten free flour and of course the rice sourdough that you can see on the photo. The Rice sourdough was very strong and I was very happy with it. Its development can be done only if I managed to build a environment of 30C, which I do in my oven and it worked perfectly.

But the result of the white bread was not conclusive. The flavor is good but the "bread" is more a heavy pancake.
I mixed some poppy seed to make some effect.

The mock rye bread was still ok after one week and when getting a bit dry it had a more stronger bread flavor than when it was fresh and was more like a mud cake.

I'm keeping a pretty big amount of the rice sourdough in my fridge to continue with experiments next week.